Pay Per Click ( Google Ad words ) :

P.P.C Stands for Pay Per Click and also know for Google Ad words. It Uses a Bidding system for your advertisement to appear to the top or to the right of search results. Budget varies depending on Competitive Keywords. Once the Campaign is set up Google Displays your Advertisement in search results. You only pay if somebody clicks on your advertisement to bring them to your website.

Pay Per ClickOur PPC Services :

  • Keyword Analysis – Selection of Keywords or phrases you are interested in.
  • Geographical Analysis – Selection of Location , Area and Countries.
  • Daily Budget option available.
  • Duration of Campaign.
  • Factors : Campaign – Adgroups – Advertisement – Keywords – Budget
  • Set up Campaign on – Focused Keywords Research & Effective Landing Pages
  • Reports Analysis :
  • Monitor and Report
  • Tracking Ads and Landing Pages
  • Google Analytical reports
  • R.O.I – Return on Investment